Repairs & Maintenance

Building & Roller Door Repairs

Building roller doors and shutters are tough and strong due to their extensive use in industrial settings. However, they remain vulnerable to damage that might result from vandalism, routine wear and tear, forklift accidents, and weather emergencies. No matter the cause of damage, ignoring a problem with your commercial roller door or shutter puts your home or business at risk. Once a roller door fails, there are risks for property damage, injuries, or compromised security.

Fortunately, DRWA Building Doors offer a maintenance and repairs service to ensure your building door is fully operational again. Our professionals respond very fast upon notification that your commercial roller door or shutter needs repair. Our expert technicians are always ready to discuss the problem with you and provide a solution to fix it.

Our repair services on all types of roller doors includes lubrication, alignment check and replacement of broken hinges, cables and springs. We also provide new remote controls, barrels, keys, complete locks and other spare parts.

Building Door Maintenance

With over 20 years of experience working with building doors, we can carry out regular maintenance for any type of commercial roller doors and shutters. Our expert technicians at DRWA are available at any time for routine check-ups and regular maintenance. We use safety checks to assess every aspect of your building door or roller shutter operation to identify potential problems and fix them in time.

The main reasons why roller doors and shutters require routine maintenance are:

● Reducing the chances of equipment malfunctioning which in turn decreases the cost of performing major repairs.
● Maintenance ensures maximum safety and security in your business or commercial building.
● Increases reliability and operational efficiency
● Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your doors.

High-pressure cleaning

We are now proud to offer high pressure cleaning in Perth on all industrial and commercial doors.

This service is ideal for businesses with large amounts of pollution (dust, cement, wood dust, grease etc) on and around their doors, which consequently affect its operation.

Having your doors regularly pressure cleaned can increase the life of your door and ensures smooth operation. Like maintenance a high pressure cleaning program with DRWA can be arranged.

DRWA offers high-pressure cleaning for all commercial and industrial doors in Perth and Western Australia. This service suits businesses or companies that have exposure to pollution from dust, grease, smoke or cement; which might affect the doors operation. Regular pressure cleaning increases the lifespan of your building doors and maintains them in good condition for smooth operation. Feel free to contact us at any time so that we arrange a high-pressure cleaning program for your building doors, roller doors or shutters.