Mining & Construction

DRWA carries out scheduled maintenance to many mine sites across WA and Western Australia. Our professional technicians have the qualifications, licenses and experience required and adhere to Australian OHS Standards. Our team of professionals is experienced and has diverse knowledge working on commercial and industrial projects.

DRWA is a leading building door company in the construction industry. We were chosen by the WA government to install and build Perth Stadium’s building doors. We have created a strong reputation for our quality service and workmanship throughout WA in the mining and construction industry.

DRWA specialise in commercial and industrial building doors and deliver high-quality services to our clients. We maintain a high level of quality performance and service for all our clients by specialising in commercial building door projects.

We have the capacity to handle any size of project including building doors for construction projects, maintenance, waste management, plumbing and mining facilities for our clients. We have the required equipment and resources to meet the construction requirements for your project. Our team of experienced technicians use a working delivery approach to delivering construction services efficiently. We have a flat management structure that makes us proactive when managing projects and responding to client requirements. This makes us different from other service providers in Western Australia. Contact us today so that we build a long-term, and mutually productive working relationship.

DRWA has partnered with many top companies in the mining and construction industry to ensure we have the latest equipment to handle our construction projects as we meet the industrial safety, health and environmental requirements. Professionals at DRWA use the latest technology to meet the operational requirements of the construction industry. DRWA provides the most cost-effective services to deliver project success. We carry out regular maintenance of the construction equipment to ensure our assets maintain industrial standards. When it comes to performance, we give our best.

Why partner with DRWA for your mining project?

• We commit ourselves to providing a safe and healthy work environment.
• We engage with the local communities in our areas of operation.
• By partnering with top mining and construction companies, we create jobs for local workers.
• We are committed to preserving biodiversity and environmental sustainability
• We offer quality, safe and responsive services for our construction works across different mining and other commercial projects.

To know more about our services, get in touch with one of our building door professionals for a free quote on your project.